In line with my love of fresh food, fast meal prep, making real connections, and saving time and money, also work as an Independent Consultant with Pampered Chef. I’ve used the cooking tools, training, recipes, and tips from Pampered Chef to create mealtime moments with family and friends everyday, and occasionally I will share my favorite ones with you here on this blog! You can check out what Pampered Chef has to offer below!


Outfit your kitchen with things that will make you happy. Find products that I talk about in my blog here!


Is your wishlist bigger than your budget? Host an easy & fun party! Catalog, Virtual or Live (location dependent) parties available. Fundraisers and Wedding Showers, too- I've got you covered!


Maximize your value by joining my Pampered Chef team! Major product discounts and the potential for major income. Let's talk!

Join a Community of Foodies!

I've been collecting some of the best foodies around the Internet to come hang out in my group-- and now you're invited! If you're not down with silly antics, random pics of my dogs, food pics & recipes and awesome chit chat, then I don't know that we can be friends.

Next Steps...

Let's get to know each other better, shall we?


Jamie Makin Pampered Chef Consultant