Hey!! I'm super glad you found my happy little corner of the internet. I'm claiming the cool kids' table at the back of the cafeteria just for us.

I grew up at the edge of the Adirondack park in Upstate NY in a super tiny rural town (there were 49 people in my graduating class kind of tiny). I went to Ithaca College in an awesome city, but still a city and in the first week of being a student, I got left behind at a bus stop because I had zero idea how to use a public bus!! This is where I met The Husband.

We started dating when I was just 18, bought a house when I turned 21 and married when I was 23. But, honestly, if he asked me to marry him on our second date, I would have run away to Vegas with him. Seriously. We get along great! In fact, we remodel houses and RVs together-- without spilling blood!

I'm quite lucky that he knew exactly who he was marrying. I'm easily excited about little things and it's highly likely that I'm really laughing out loud when I "LOL". I employ food decoys to hide the 'good stuff' (I talk about that here) and I dance and wiggle when I'm eating something tasty! I love riding ATVs and getting muddy, bonfires and smores. My uniform is leggings and flip flops and I will always greet dogs before humans. I love to dance and sing in my living room, even to the disapproving looks from my dogs.

I have a sunny disposition without the rainbows and unicorns that often accompany 'those people'. This sunny disposition really serves me well in my job as an Independent Consultant with Pampered Chef. I love entertaining people while sharing information about product and recipes! I wanted something in my life to help me meet new people and reduce stress from my full-time job (I was a Social Worker and it was slowly sucking the life out of me...). I found that I really love helping my team to grow; personally and professionally. I love to watch them succeed!
To learn more about what I offer through Pampered Chef, check out http://whatsjamiemakin.com/happykitchens

Jamie Makin


Meet the Family

Behind every happy woman is a family who helps keep her that way!

Jamie & Jeff Makin

Jeff Makin

AKA The Husband

My rock, my soul mate and my biggest supporter. The man who puts up with my crazy and has some crazy ideas of his own!

Happily married since 2005

Border Collie Australian Shepard mix dog


AKA "Roni"

Mix of Border Collie, Australian Shepard and pure awesome. Spends his days following me all over the house and making sure I'm safe when I walk to the kitchen.
Born 2002

Blue Merle Great Dane


AKA "Bean"

120 lb. Great Dane, lover of blankets and all things snuggly. If she wants your attention, be sure that you will know it.
Born 2006

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