Top 10 Pampered Chef Rockcrok Recipes

The Pampered Chef Rockcrok has revolutionized fast & healthy cooking! But how do you use it? Stick with me while I share my favorite Pampered Chef Rockcrok recipes with you.


There are multiple sizes and shapes of Rockcroks to fit your every need!The Pampered Chef Rockcrok is an ah-mazing vessel! Many people are familiar with our stoneware– the pizza stone being the most famous — but the Rockcrok is our stoneware 2.0. Made from the same natural clay, the Rockcrok can go in the oven and the microwave (like our natural and glazed stoneware) along with the top of your stove, under the broiler and out on your barbecue grill! And that’s right, there’s even a slow cooker base for it. Now you can kick that big, space-hogging Crockpot out of your cabinet and replace it with a simple plug in base with a smaller footprint! If that weren’t enough, it’s also fridge- and freezer-safe and *drum roll please* dishwasher-safe!! Perfect for busy nights where everyone in the family has a different schedule, it will also keep your meal warm for 2-3 hours after it’s been cooked so it’s still warm for even the latest homecomer. If there are leftovers, just pop the whole thing in the fridge. It can go straight into the heat without needing to adjust to room temp! Regular stoneware is subject to something called ‘thermal shock’. This means if you had your regular stone in the oven cooking a roast, then you put it into the fridge to save the leftovers, your stone would react to the sudden change in temperature and crack. Your Rockcrok doesn’t react the same way, so you could do exactly that without fear that it’d break!

That’s all find and good, but what do I make in it?

I’m so glad you asked!! True confession: when I got my Pampered Chef Rockcrok, at first I was terrified of it! “What do I make?” “How long do I cook things for?” “Seriously, what do I make?!” It comes with 10 recipe cards, but they’re not gramma’s mac-n-cheese recipes so I didn’t want to start with the ‘level 2’ recipes when I really needed a remedial class. Then it hit me: ziti. I’d make a ziti. I could brown the hamburger and chop it up with the Mix N Chop, boil the noodles on the top of the stove, put them back in the Rockcrok with the sauce and meat, then top it with cheese and stick it under the broiler all in the same pot! Done. And SUCCESS! I overcame my fear and quicky after that bought the Dutch Oven and the Casserole sizes and the slow cooker base as well (good thing I got them at a discount as a Consultant!) I can tell you that I use my Rockcroks so often to make meals that there is always at least one of them in the dishwasher at all times. 

 I’ve pulled together 10 of my favorite Pampered Chef Rockcrok recipes- Take a look! **Click the picture for the recipe!**

Easy No Stir Risotto in your Rockcrok Everyday Pan


Easy No-Stir RisottoChicken Fajitas cooked in the Pampered Chef Rockcrok


Quick Chicken Fajitas


slow cooker rockcrok pork carnitas


Slow Cooker Carnitas  root beer ribs in the rockrok slow cooker



 Root Beer Ribs

bruchetta zucchini pasta


Bruschetta Zucchini Pasta

Mile High Nachos


Mile High Nachos


create a one pot chicken dinner in your rockcrok dutch oven in the microwave


One Pot Chicken Dinner

Use califlower along with your noodles to boost the veggies and lower the calories of a homemade favorite


Skinny Mac N’ Cheese


Hearty tuscan soup with parmesan croutons

Hearty Tuscan Soup with Parmesan Croutons

Rustic No-Knead Bread in the Pampered Chef Rockcrok


Rustic No-Knead Bread




And I’m gonna sneak in a couple dessert recipes too because cake.

quick pineapple upside down cake in the microwave in the pampered chef rockcrok


Quick Pineapple Upside-Down Cake


apple spice cake with salted caramel sauce in the microwave in the rockcrok


Apple Spice Cake w/ Salted Caramel Sauce


peaches and cream dessert nachos


& Cream
Dessert Nachos


s'more cake in the microwave in the rockcrok


S’more Cake


heavenly chocolate almond cake in the microwave in the pampered chef rockcrok



Heavenly Chocolate Almond Cake




Amazing, right?! 

I’d say 90% of my hosts have a show because one of the Rockcroks are on their wishlist! Trust me, this pan is worth it’s weight in gold and totally worth the asking price. But if you can get it at a discount, then why not right? Contact me here to find out how to get your very own by ordering, hosting or joining my groovy team of Consultants!


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