Kitchen Counter Organization: A How To

kitchen Counter Organization helps you cook more efficiently and know where everything is while preserving precious counter space. but most of us have a lot of extra things sitting around.

Kitchen counter organization is a small task that can make a huge impact on the flow and usability of your kitchen. Take a look at your current situation around your stove. If you’re like most people, you’ve got a large variety of utensils; maybe a couple utensil containers, your spices, all your knives, maybe a cutting board or two. It’s easy to leave the cans out for a meal that you’re going to make later in the week, or the ingredients that you just used and push them into the back corner.

Let’s talk about simplifying the area right around your stovetop.

Kitchen counter organization starts with knowing what you use on a daily basis. Survey your space and see what you reach for every night when you make dinner (or heat up leftovers or dish out take out– no judgments here!). Those are the tools and utensils that we want at your fingertips every day. Everything else is just in the way. I’m not saying you need to get rid of the other things, but maybe they can go in a drawer, a separate canister in the pantry or in the corner of your kitchen.

If you need help getting started, here’s what I keep at my fingertips: how to organize your kitchen countertop details

1. Salt & Pepper Grinders with Pink Himalayan and Coarse Sea Salt mixture and whole peppercorns
2. Extra virgin olive oil
3. Garlic and Italian Seasoning (Seriously, these two spices go on everything.)
4. A 2 Cup Prep Bowl filled with Kosher salt for adding salt to the water, seasoning while cooking and that “pinch” of salt needed for a lot of gramma’s recipes
5. 3 of my favorite knives- 8″ Chef’s, 5 1/2″ Santoku and 5″ Utility Knife. (You can see many options for knives here.)
6. Silicone scraper for sauces and mixing. This one is a spoonula shape and won’t melt in your pan under the heat.
7.  1 solid spoon, 1 slotted spoon (not pictured because it was in the dishwasher hehehe), tongs (also in the dishwasher), 1 large and 1 small spatula.
8. My beloved Mix N’ Chop – it’s the perfect tool for cooking ground meat.

Trust me, I have a lot more tools than this, but these are the ones that live at the top of my stovetop. I have 3 other containers for kitchen tools that are all arranged in a hierarchy, too! Ok, back to the essentials.

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organize your kitchen countertop with a trayThere’s actually one more step that can help your kitchen counters feel more organized and keep the clutter to a minimum going forward.

Create visual boundaries with a tray! Find yourself a pretty tray to corral all the essentials into one place. The tray creates a feeling of a visual ‘space’ for everything as opposed to the vastness of your whole countertop. If you vow to keep everything on the tray and not overflow onto the counter, then you’re sure to keep the clutter at a minimum!

Don’t think you can’t decorate your countertop. Our kitchens are the heart of the home. They need a personal touch to go along with everyday efficiency. organize your kitchen countertop with a tray and personalityI’ve got a silk ivy and a white ceramic owl figurine on my tray. That’s the side that faces into my dining room, so guests don’t have to look at my spices as soon as they walk in.

We’ll take a look at how to find a home for the other things that land on your kitchen counters in another post. For now, tell me what you think! Will you be running out to find the perfect tray to corral your kitchen countertop clutter? Show me your set up on Instagram and tag it #AtHomeWithJamie!

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