Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father's Day gifts are hard to pick out. If your dad is anything like mine, put down the tie and grab something to cook with! In fact, he had to have a hernia surgery a couple years ago. While he was home laid up on the couch, QVC and Pampered Chef became his best friends. Their basement is now filled to the brim with new cookware and kitchen tools. Mom had to take his credit card away at one point!

what do you buy for the man that likes to Grill?

Lucky for you, I've got a few ideas.

Pampered Chef Burger & Slider PressThis Burger & Slider Press is perfect for the dad who loves a good burger! He can make 1/2 pound burgers or 3 oz sliders perfectly, every time. Sprinkle your favorite seasoning or rub in the bottom of the press. Add the meat and top with more seasoning. The press even puts the dimple in your burgers so they stay burgers instead of mounding up like meatballs! The press also makes stuffed burgers easy.

Chances are pretty good that dad is going to want to grill those sliders, right? Meatball & Slider Grill Basket from Pampered ChefEnter the Meatball & Slider Grill Basket! Sliders can fall through the grates of a grill pretty easily due to their small stature. This basket prevents all your hard work from falling to the coals.

Grill Tool Set from Pampered ChefDon't forget the Grill Tool Set! I mean, you don't want him out there with a dining fork trying to turn hamburgers, do you?

And dear ol' dad is going to need a grill, too!!Indoor Outdoor Portable Grill from Pampered Chef This grill is perfect for rainy days because it is electric. But it can also be used with charcoal so it's great for tailgating out days at the beach! Korean BBQ and everyone can cook their own food right at the table? A reluctant chef's dream!

What do you buy for the man that likes to cook?

Small Knife Block Set from Pampered ChefYou can never go wrong with a great set of knives. Add in the honing tool to make sure they never dull, and these knives are a fantastic present (great for wedding gifts, too!). These stainless steel forged knives come with a lifetime warranty, so they're sure to be his favorite!https://www.pamperedchef.com/pws/thejamiemakin/shop/Cook%27s+Tools/Prep+Tools/Large+Grooved+Cutting+Board/1023

Help dad keep the juices from his steak contained with the Large Grooved Cutting Board. One side has the big groove and the other is flat. Made of high-density polypropylene, his knives won't dull as fast either!

Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set from Pampered Chef

Last but certainly not least, the Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set. 2, 4 and 6 quart bowls that are perfect for so many cooking tasks. Need to marinate a pork tenderloin, or a bunch of steaks or chicken (check out my dad's grilled chicken glaze here)? Not a problem with the big bowl!


That's it! Think you can find the perfect present for dad in my top 7 picks? Which would yours want?

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