How To Hide Snacks

I’ve lived with The Husband for over 15 years. He’s a pretty awesome dude.

But that man can not rest if there are snacks or sweets in the house. Click To Tweet

So I had to find what I like to call “hidey holes”. Secret little places all over the house that I could stash treats. I don’t mind sharing. I really don’t. What I do mind is only getting 2 Chips Ahoy cookies because The Husband has inhaled the rest of the package within two days. I sh!t you not.

The first spot was the drawers under our waterbed. Yes, this was my first adventure into food hiding and our 1990’s waterbed as the accomplice.
It. Worked. Brilliantly.
Of course, I still bought snacks for him. But ‘the good stuff’ was hidden down in the bedroom in the back drawer under the head of the bed. I had Goldfish Crackers, some Pringles, Chips Ahoy and chocolate. My super power is that I can take 3 cookies and close the package. I can actually let the package stay closed for a few days, too! Amazing, I know. Even though I have a great sweet tooth, I don’t have to eat it all at once. I enjoy savoring the flavors of all of my food. So scarfing it all down just to make sure I get some, wasn’t really the vibe I wanted to live by.

All was well and good until I came out of the bedroom with a handful of Goldfish Crackers and he was standing right there. BUSTED.Click To Tweet

Quickly, I needed a new plan! I couldn’t figure something out on the fly, so all snacks went into the pantry until I could plot and scheme again.  I started to slow down with buying snacks during this time. I just couldn’t justify paying $6 a week for a package or two of cookies that would be gone in 3 days. Not worth it. This is when I moved hidey holes multiple times. As soon as he found one, I’d move it. Eventually, I ran out of clever places to hide food.

Enter “The Decoy Package”.  You want Chips Ahoy. That specific brand. See, here’s what you do. You buy them! But also buy the cheap, store brand chocolate chip cookies. The store brand cookies are the ones you “hide” in the last spot he found. Then you move your cookies to a different spot. He finds the cheap cookies and thinks he scored.

Hehehehe My devil horns are in the mail, but the cookies are still in their hidey hole a week later.

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