English Muffin Pizzas

A favorite from my childhood that has migrated into my adult years- English Muffin Pizzas! English Muffin Pizzas are a great way to offer customized pizza without a lot of fuss.

If we didn’t order pizza on Fridays mom would make these English Muffin pizzas. I still make these occasionally for The Husband and I. He thought I was a little nuts when I told him we were having pizza on english muffins. The look on his face was great. “Just trust me,” I told him.

english muffin pizzas on a pizza stoneI’m going to give you the insider tips. Tip #1: toast your english muffins before you put any sauce on them. This simple step will keep the bread from getting soggy and will give you more of a ‘pizza’ crisp! I would recommend trying not to burn them like I did here. LOL!

Then for the sauce. You can use pizza sauce or marinara sauce. I typically use a pizza sauce because it’s got a couple more spices already added into the jar. But in a pinch, I picked up a cheap jar of marinara at the store downtown and it was tasty! I’ve also used my homemade spaghetti sauce before. Tip #2: Don’t overwhelm your english muffin with sauce. These guys are little, so 1/2-1 Tablespoon of sauce is plenty- depending on how saucy you like things. (hehehehe I cracked myself up with that pun!)

english muffin pizzas sauce and toppingsToppings are where you can really start customizing for each person! I like sausage and peppers. The Husband likes peppers and onions. With english muffin pizzas, we can each get what we want! Tip #3: If you choose toppings, just make sure that they are sliced super thin. These little pizzas don’t cook as long as a traditional pie, so thicker veggies don’t have enough time to soften and cook. When I’m adding toppings like veggies, I use my Pampered Chef simple slicer on setting #1 for super thin slices. Easy peasy. (Plus, it’s safe, so you can put the kids to work on slicing their own toppings!) Tip #4 At a minimum, I always recommend Italian seasoning and garlic powder. I even put these on $4 frozen pizzas. Those spices give pizza it’s distinct flavor, so use ’em! A little garlic goes a long way though. If you’ve shredded mozzarella, you can totally use that. I like the slices of mozzarella from the grocery store just because they’re less messy. Toss your english muffin pizzas on your nearest pizza stone to keep them crispy in the oven (<— Tip #5 ) and put them in your 350-degree oven. They only need to be in there until your cheese melts and your toppings look soft (10-ish minutes or so).

english muffin pizza finalThat’s it! These are super easy to make and very delicious. They’re good for a snack or add a salad or wings to make it dinner!
Have you heard of English Muffin Pizzas before this post? What will you top yours with?

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