Organizing: Blog Idea Board

So many ideas for your blog, so many post-it notes all over the house! What you need is a good blog idea board.

I saw a post on Pinterest (SURPRISE!) where someone utilized a corkboard. That got me thinking. So I went through my extra office supplies to see what I had. Here’s what you’ll need to recreate my ‘masterpiece’ (all of which is available at your favorite Dollar Store):
2 foam boards
1 package of 4×6 Index cards (or something of your choice to use for headings)
1 package of 3×5 colored Index cards
Sharpies of your choice
6 Command hooks (so your significant other doesn’t get mad that you are putting holes in the walls…..again)
a package of thumbtacks–  I have pushpins pictured because I like the transparency of them, however the foam is not thick enough to absorb the whole pointy part (totally technical there). Thumbtacks are shorter and work better.
If you’d like to be all fancy, you can even get some fabric and cover the board so that it matches your office decor! My house is accented in black, so I skipped that step.


Word to the wise- use a level to mark out where you want your boards. Hold them on the wall and makeIdea Board hooks small marks in pencil on the edges- top and bottom. This is where you are going to put your Command strips. Follow the directions on the Command strips. Use your pencil marks to put the centers of the hooks on. The bottom ones need to go up, like you’d hang something on it. The hooks on the top go upside down. I also like the idea of using hooks because then you can take it down, move stuff around, edit and add then easily put it back up.


Idea BoardUse these cards to section out different steps in your process. Leave a BIG section for your ideas! This will be your dumping ground for all your ideas so when you need a post, you grab one off the board. I went with Ideas, Photography/Graphics, SEO & Titles, and Schedule.

Now for the colored ones. I used mine as a visual representation of idea categories. I plan on writing on 5 main subjects- Brilliant things The Husband says, spices, cooking and recipes, Direct Sales and organizing. So each color represents each category. This way I can go up and grab one of each color so I can keep my posts from skewing too far into one category and neglect the others. The blank side is where the keyword goes. The back lined side is where the main points of the article are outlined. I’ve got basic drafts for every idea up there! Jealous? 😉

That’s it! Once you start your draft of your post in WordPress, move the topic card Idea boardto the appropriate step that you need to do next! Go forth and create your idea board. Are you going to create one? Fabric covered or no? Come back and share how your project goes!



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