10 Essential Cooking Tools Every Kitchen Needs In The Drawers

Kitchens drawers can quickly get cluttered up with gadgets and gizmos. Here are the 10 Essential cooking tools that every kitchen needs.

Cooking is faster and easier when you have the right equipment! While items can be used for purposes other than their intended use, relying on that often leads to frustration. The last thing I want is for someone to hate cooking simply because they don’t have the right tools!

This post will specifically be talking about the tools used during the cooking of food. Not used to heat food or as a vessel to cook the food (aka appliances or pots & pans). Don’t fret though! I’ll cover that at a later date.

in your drawers

There are some tools that you don’t always need within arm’s reach but are still important to have.

stainless steel mesh colandersStainless Steel Mesh Colanders  This set from Pampered Chef is my absolute favorite! I struggled for years with plastic ones that would get that nasty film on them and metal ones that would rust. I got these as a hostess reward from a party. They are over 10 years old and still in excellent condition! And trust me, I’m not super gentle with things. These can go right in the dishwasher- BONUS! One of the things you really want to look for is a lip along the bottom so your food doesn’t sit in any residual water in your sink while you rinse your pasta. These colanders also feature reinforced sides so they won’t go out of shape on you!

Ladle Find one with a deep ‘bowl’ so you can get a good hearty scoop. You likely won’t use it often, but you’ll appreciate that feature when you do! Personally, I am in love with the whimsy of these Loch Ness Monster ladles from Amazon ❤ Loch Ness Monster Ladles from Amazon

Potato Masher One with a rounded head will let you get into the corners of bowls. I recommend the one through Pampered Chef unless you leave the skins on. The skins wind themselves around the Pampered Chef version and they’re a pain to clean.

Large Measure All Cup with liquid and dry measure sidesDry & Liquid Measuring Cups There is a difference in liquid and dry measurements. Having the proper tools for the job will make sure you stand a better chance at mastering a recipe. However, if cabinet space is at a premium, check out this handy gadget from Pampered Chef. It has a dry measurement on one side and liquid on the other.  The dry side is also great for sticky substances like honey, mayonnaise or peanut butter measurements. Just push the cup out and it scrapes the sides down. Genius!

Measuring Spoons Oval models like these fit into spice jars better. Also, make sure yours have a snap together measuring spoon set1/8 teaspoon– you’d be surprised how many sets do not. I like these ones as well because they snap together. No more dealing with that infernal ring!

pampered chef salad and berry spinner with 2 baskets and lid

Salad & Berry Spinner Many people see these as a frivolous product. I was one of those people. Until I got my own and WOW. I find myself reaching for it often! Washing and spinning your lettuce, greens and berries extends their freshness. Nobody wants moldy berries and they’re a pain to wash by hand. This particular model comes with the spinner lid, salad bowl storage lid and 2 baskets– one for salad greens and one for herbs and berries. Serve from the bowl and use the baskets as colanders! In a pinch, it’s also good for spinning water out of delicates. *Shh. That’s insider knowledge.

Oven Mitts Believe it or not, not all oven mitts are made equal! Cloth ones are a struggle- if they’re thick enough that you don’t burn your hands, they’re often too bulky to actually grip anything. Silicone ones aren’t always much better because they can either be thin or your hand sweats and slides around inside it (GROSS!). Find yourself a pair like these that are Silicone but have a cloth lining. The best of both worlds! Plus, you can toss them in the washing machine when they get dirty.

pampered chef stainless steel whiskStainless Steel Whisk This is very important. Please be sure to hear me on this one. For the love of all things holy, make sure that the handle of your whisk is sealed around the wires like this whisk. I have a silicone whisk that I only use to make gravy at holiday dinners. I was bouncing it on the counter waiting for my meat drippings to start boiling and I noticed all these droplets of water all over the place. It took me a second to figure out it was coming from my whisk! The whisk I hadn’t used in MONTHS! I was so disgusted with all that stale nasty water that was still in it I threw it away immediately. Moral of the story- get a solid handle whisk. With a sturdy handle for more power behind your stirring.

Silicone Coated Whisk  Silicone coated stainless steel whisks are ideal for use with nonstick cookware. Silicone won’t scratch nonstick, ceramic or metal surfaces. Use to prepare gravy or sauces in cookware such as Hollandaise or use for other general tasks such as mixing batters or eggs. The same rule applies here as above, guys. Solid. Handle.

There you have it, The 10 essential cooking tools that need to be in every kitchen

Even though they might be in a drawer until you need them. Stay tuned for the essentials for meal prep and essentials for cooking!

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What’s in your drawers that I may have missed?

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