Why Direct Sales?

There are a gazillion Direct Sales companies out there now.

Okay, that might be an overstatement but the reality is, you know at least 5 people who have been a representative at some point in their life. Some companies have been around for decades and some are fairly new. Leggings and lipstick. Baking tools to bedroom accessories and everything in between. Women and men start their Direct Sales journey for a variety of reasons and have just as wide of a range in their success. So why have so many people explored the world of being an Independent Consultant with a Direct Sales company?
 Jar of change spilled out on the table
  • Financial Need Your financial need can be short term (ballet lessons) or more long term (you need a new car or to cover the mortgage). Whether trying to fill a budgetary shortage or just wanting vacation money, many people join a DS company because the compensation plan is pretty dang good! It's not uncommon for your hourly "wage" to be at least double, if not triple, what you would earn in a part-time job working for someone else.calendar on a phone with what looks like a very busy schedule
  • Flexible Schedule-  The world of Direct Sales is especially attractive to busy people because you get to decided exactly when you want to work. People who already work a full-time position or are a primary caregiver for a family member can work it into their hectic schedules. Like traditional jobs, the more you work the more you earn, but it's on your terms. If you want to take the whole month of December off because family is coming into town, you can without having to get approval.woman holding binders and screaming out that she's overwhelmed
  • Relief from a Full-Time Job- Some people feel their job is slowly sucking the life out of them. If you love your 'regular job', I am thrilled for you! It is challenging to find a job that you are excited to show up to day in and day out for 8 hours a day and love every single second of it. Even though many of us don't experience this in our daytime gig, we still crave it. Most people receive this from their Direct Sales career. You have complete creative control over your time and business (within your corporate compliance rules, of course). Direct Sales is also a wonderful stress outlet for many. What's more fun than partying with great people and earning a paycheck at the same time?group of people gathered around the Pampered Chef Consultant
  • Meet New People-  You don't have to be an extrovert to meet new people! As a stay at home mom, or an adult in general, it is hard to make friends. We used to be able to walk up to someone playing with the same toy we had and decide you were best friends. That's all it took when we were 5. At 35, it's a little more complicated. Direct Sales companies afford you an opportunity to introduce yourself to people and begin to form a relationship. Even if that relationship only lasts for the 3 hours that you are setting up and working their party, you've made a new connection and talked to an actual living breathing adult. It's pretty nice. The networking opportunities don't end with your hosts and guests. You will certainly meet other like-minded people who are consultants with other companies. Wouldn't it be great to be able to talk about something other than your kids? Add in the connections you can make with people using social media like Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and Pinterest and you're the popular kid in school.kitchen island full of Pampered Chef tools and fresh foods, ready to make dinner
  • You Love the Product- When you find a product that is perfect for you, you become a fan and you want everything in the catalog, right? If your sponsor is explaining it right, you will see that there is massive value in signing up as a Consultant instead of being a lifelong customer. The kits offered to join a company are usually offered at a massive discount. Typically, there are also discounts on products as well as sales incentives to earn. These sales bonuses afford you with the newest products free or highly discounted. If you plan on buying everything in the catalog, you might as well buy it from yourself, right?
If any of these reasons resonate with you, then I urge you to consider Direct Sales as a solution! There are a ton of questions you should be able to answer before deciding what company you want to go forward with. My personal favorite social media coach, Brenda Ster with The Socialite Suite on Facebook, has compiled this list for you to make the best choice possible for yourself and your family. I chose Pampered Chef because I'd been a fan of their products for 13 years. And I love to cook. It was kismet.
Which of these reasons appeal to you most? Have one that you think should be on the list? Comment below and let me know! And be sure to come back and let us know if you decided to join a company!

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